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What Is Sour Diesel?

Sour Diesel was given this name due to the sour gas aroma that it contains. This Sativa dominant strain produces bright green buds with orange hairs covering the flower. While it does not have the exotic appeal that other strains have, it does have an amazing flavor coupled with a pungent scent. Sour Diesel is a favorite among CBD users. The buds are dense and sticky. Plus, this strain offers long-lasting wellness support. 

Percentage Profile for Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel boasts one of the highest CBD cannabinoid profiles with 20.165% CBD and 0.094% Delta-9 THC. Sour Diesel packs a punch and can provide intense support for those who need it. 

Sour Diesel CBD Genetics

There is some discrepancy as to where Sour Diesel originated from. Some say it is a crosse between Chemdawg and Skunk #1. Others feel that Sour Diesel came from Diesel, which happens to be a well-known Sativa dominant hybrid. Regardless of its genetics, this strain has been crossed with premium hemp to help decrease THC levels and fall in line with Farm Bill compliance. 

Sour Diesel CBD Strain Terpene Profile

Most CBD Flower strains are set apart with their terpene profile. The makeup of Sour Diesel includes Linalool, Mycrcene, Pinene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene.

Lab Test Results for Sour Diesel

Unlike most vendors, we test all our products and ensure passing results for each strain. All products are under .3 D9 THC.

CBD Flower USA

As a premium vendor for CBD Flower, we offer the best in the industry. Our products are created by sourcing the finest hemp strains, allowing us to deliver high-quality hemp flowers. 

We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all of your hemp needs. So, if there is a strain that you are searching for and you do not see on our site, reach out to us. We are always adding new products. Let us know if you have any questions when shopping. We would be happy to help you.  

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