What Is Hemp Biomass?

Plant biomass is the organic material leftover after harvesting and processing. Hemp biomass contains the leaves and stalks of the hemp plant, which is harvested for its flowers and seeds. Hemp biomass has all kinds of uses. First, a quick refresher on hemp. What is...

Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls 101 Guide

Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls, also known as CBD flower joints, is a new way to get cannabidiol (CBD) into the body. Hemp is legal in the United States under the 2018 Farm Act and is growing in popularity nationwide. With a growing market for hemp and CBD products, prices are...

What Is CBD Isolate Powder?

Like the name implies, CBD isolate powder is a powder substance that contains almost pure CBD. Farmers find the cannabis plant and precisely extract the compounds they need from it. Once this is completed, the compounds that are left are stripped even...

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