Herbstrong is a CBD vendor that seems to have built its brand around catering to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They do not have a dedicated about page, so there is no information on when the company was founded or who the owners are. There is no United States address listed for Herbstrong, although the language in their FAQ section suggests they are based somewhere within the US. 

The domain age only dates back to March of 2020. Either this company is in its infant stages or this is a new domain that resulted from an investment into their digital marketing efforts. Based on the amateur style design of the website, it is safe to assume the company is new.

One thing that separates this hemp vendor from others is its commitment to veterans and first responders. Both categories of people can get a lifetime discount code from Herbstrong. One can guess that at least one of the founders is either a veteran or has a veteran in the family. It would be pure speculation, though, as the owners are a mystery.

Product Range

Herbstrong doesn’t have an extensive line of hemp CBD products. They do not offer any hemp flower strains, and they do not have any other cannabinoids for sale besides CBD. Also, many of their blends have something called MCT oil in it. This is not a cannabinoid, so anyone looking for pure cannabinoid products would not be best suited to this brand.

All of their products are classified under “recovery products”. This is dicey marketing, as claims regarding CBD having any sort of medical benefits are not approved by the FDA. Each product page makes several direct medical claims. These pages also claim that Herbstrong CBD tincture is an average of 10x more concentrated than competitors. This is a meaningless claim that is nothing more than marketing hype.

Their tincture has three different product pages, but these formulas are different strengths rather than different cannabinoid compositions. They are called “extra strength”, “silver”, and “gold”.

Herbstrong also sells full spectrum capsules, body cream, transdermal patches, and vape cartridges. Their only semi-unique product offering is their “strong paws” CBD pet drops.


Herbstrong’s tinctures come in three amounts: 1,000 mg CBD per 15 ml, 3,000 mg CBD per 30 ml, and 5,000 mg CBD per 30 ml. The prices are $65, $195, and $325, respectively.

Capsules are 25 mg CBD per capsule and come in a bottle of 40 capsules. The price is $75 per bottle. The body cream has 1000 mg of CBD in a 1.7 oz jar and costs $65. Their vape cartridges cost $45 per 500mg, but they are currently sold out at the time of this review.

The transdermal patches come in a box of 12 and contain 20 mg of CBD per patch. The cost is $75 per box. Herbstrong sells all of its products at a wholesale level, but pricing is not given to the public.

Finally, this vendor has an affiliate program, but no further details are given without signing up.

User Opinions and Customer Service

Herbstrong seems to have a ton of good reviews on their website. Many of these reviews are paired with pictures of what looks like real users. While these reviews do seem authentic, you should always take a company’s on-site reviews with a grain of salt. These are the easiest reviews to either outright fabricate or filter out negative reviews.

This company has 32 total reviews on Facebook and has 4.9 out of 5 ratings. An overwhelming majority of the reviews say the product is of good quality and the customer service was helpful when necessary.

There are several reviews on fitness websites about these products, but these should also be taken with a grain of salt since the blogger could have been sponsored by the brand to do a review.

Overall, the sentiment about this company seems to be mostly positive. They are relatively unknown outside of the athletic niche, but they serve their audience well.

Herbstrong Coupon Codes

Herbstrong has a bunch of coupon codes. At the time of this review, their homepage has a banner that gives you a code for 20% off of your entire purchase. They also have one-time codes available that give discounts to both veterans and first responders. Furthermore, veterans and first responders can sign up to be given a lifetime coupon code so long as they prove their status.

Shipping Policy

Herbstrong does not do a good job of clearly organizing their shipping policy on one page. With that being said, you can dig around and find the information you need.

Shipping costs and time of delivery are calculated based on location and cart contents at the time of purchase. All orders placed before 12 PM PST will be processed on the same day. The estimated shipping time goes from 2 to 7 days. They do ship to P.O. boxes. All shipments get a tracking number upon processing.

Refund Policy

Herbstrong accepts “change of mind” returns so long as it is within 30 days of the original date of purchase. The product must be unopened and unused. They do not give refunds for open products under any condition. The money is refunded within 3-5 business days of the return being received and processed.


Herbstrong seems to be a fairly successful hemp vendor within the niche of fitness and athletics. They go all-in on targeting people who live an active lifestyle and are always on the lookout for new ways to optimize their performance.

Outside of that niche, though, Herbstrong is pretty much unknown. This company does not go after the same type of hemp enthusiast as CBD Flower USA, for example. We focus primarily on smokable hemp flowers. If that is more up your alley, check out our shop here.

Herbstrong, Herbstrong Vendor Review

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