CBD hemp experts were founded by three friends who all had experience growing and selling businesses in the wellness space. None of them had previous experience selling hemp flower or any other CBD products. The spark for their passion for this industry came when one of the founder’s father had a positive experience with CBD tincture. He told the other two founders about the amazing potential he witnessed first-hand, and they all moved to Colorado to immerse themselves in the hemp industry.

Their goal from the beginning was to sell in bulk to other companies who wanted to get into selling CBD. They quickly found that most businesses wanted to sell products with CBD in it rather than CBD flowers. Their business model shifted to identifying products people already loved and then working with their formulators to create and sell CBD-infused versions of these products.

Fast-forward to the present day and CBD Hemp Experts offers over 100 private label / white label CBD products.

What is Private Label / White Label CBD?

Private labels and white labels mean the same thing. It’s when a company sells its CBD products to another company, which is branded with the purchasing company’s logo.

CBD Hemp Experts has a team of specialists that works with companies to build their own CBD brand from the ground up. They go beyond just slapping your logo on their products and calling it a day. They have CBD consultants to help you select and market the perfect CBD products for your target customers.

What Products Do CBD Hemp Experts Offer?

CBD Hemp Experts has a wide selection of products available wholesale and private label. They don’t sell anything straight to the consumer, though. Here are the product categories they offer.


Any type of traditional skincare product can include CBD as an ingredient. CBD Hemp Experts offers CBD-infused body lotion, facial cleansers, skin moisturizers, and anti-aging creams.


These are sprays that you take orally. The problem with how this company markets their sprays is they are all based on medical claims. If you choose to go into the CBD business, you should avoid medical claims on your packaging. Doing so opens you up to unwanted attention from the FDA.


Gummies are one of the most popular CBD products on the market. You can get them in a variety of flavors, as well as either full spectrum or isolate. Isolate includes strictly CBD, while full-spectrum contains the full cannabinoid profile of the strain. All gummies are vegan.


Tinctures can be taken orally or used in cooking and baking. Some folks also add it to their favorite beverage. You can get it with no flavor or in flavors like mint and fruit punch.


The CBD capsules look and function just like any other capsule. This is another CBD product where companies often make the mistake of making medical claims.

Pet Care

People spend a combined $60 billion annually on their pets. CBD Hemp Experts help you break into this market with CBD products for pets. This includes tinctures of different strengths, as well as a conditioning shampoo.

Relief Rubs

Relief rubs are a touchy CBD product when it comes to FDA compliance. They are packaged like a Biofreeze roll-on stick, but CBD is not approved by the FDA for pain relief. This means you cannot mention pain relief on your packaging.

Hair Care

CBD Hemp Experts sells CBD-infused conditioner, shampoo, blow out spray, and hair masque. These are great products for salons looking to break into the CBD space.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a relaxing trend that turns your bath fun colors. They are made with all types of herbs and minerals, including CBD. Be careful about making any claims regarding relaxation and sleep benefits, though.


This is the product for any company that sells coffee. CBD Hemp Experts only sells pre-packaged cups designed for a Keurig-style coffee machine.

CBD Distillate

Finally, CBD Hemp Experts offers pure CBD distillate in bulk. This product is for companies who want to infuse CBD into their own products.

Final Thoughts

If you own a company that has no interest in getting into smokable hemp flower or CBD vape cartridges, then CBD Hemp Experts is a good choice. If you want wholesale private/white label smokable hemp products, though, we are your supplier. Check out our wholesale hemp flower page to get in contact with one of our customer support specialists for a quote.

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