Wild hemp cigarettes, also known as hempettes, are one of the most popular brands of hemp cigarettes.

If you are a fan of smoking hemp, you may have already come across hemp cigarettes and thought about giving them a try. This Wild Hemp cigarette review is written to help you decide if this brand is right for you.

What are Hemp Cigarettes?

Hemp cigarettes have the look and feel of tobacco cigarettes. They are packed with dried hemp flowers and are growing in popularity among those who use CBD.

All hemp cigarettes have less than 0.3% THC, which makes them legal under the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. Some smoke them as a novelty, while others smoke them as a nicotine-free alternative to tobacco.

Wild Hemp Cigarettes Branding

Wild Hemp is known for its hemp cigarettes, which are called hempettes. The branding is unique. Most hemp cigarettes come in packaging that puts a premium on discretion. Any mention of hemp, if there is one, is in a very small font.

Wild Hemp cigarettes take the totally opposite approach. Wild Hemp’s logo has a hemp leaf on it. Their boxes have a hemp leaf pattern. The filters have their logo on display. They are also colored green, red, or yellow depending on the flavor. It is clear to the naked eye that they aren’t regular tobacco cigarettes.

This can be a turn-off to customers because the hemp leaf looks exactly like a pot leaf. This type of customer is self-conscious about people thinking they are smoking pot when they light up a smoke. The same terpenes that are in marijuana are present in hemp strains, so hemp cigarettes often smell similar to marijuana.

Wild Hemp cigarettes are also unique in that they come in two additional flavors – sweets and pineapple. Most hemp brands let the strain serve as the flavoring.

There are a couple of concerns regarding these flavored options. The first is it adds flavoring chemicals into the mix, whereas regular hemp flower has a natural flavor. The second is the company could be accused of marketing Wild Hemp cigarettes to kids. Just look at all the heat that came down on vaping company JUUL for selling flavored pods that appealed to kids.

What do Customers Say?

Wild Hemp cigarettes generally have pretty good reviews. They have also shown that they are responsive to customer complaints.

Back in 2019, several customers turned to Reddit to complain about a funky smell when smoking hempettes. At the time, they were using spent hemp biomass. This means virtually all of the cannabinoids and terpenes were already extracted. They only had 10mg of CBD in each cigarette.

Wild Hemp listened to this feedback and made their hemp cigarettes ten times stronger. Each cigarette now contains 50 mg of CBD. They switched from using spent hemp biomass to using hemp trim. This made their hemp cigarettes smell and taste more like hemp flower. It also addressed the issue of getting seeds and stems from your cigarette.

A Final Word on Hemp Cigarettes

Smokable hemp cigarettes are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes and offer a hassle-free way to smoke hemp.

Wild Hemp cigarettes are probably not for you if you prefer a more discreet packaging and cigarette. We sell Lucky Leaf brand hemp smokes, which has packaging that is more in line with traditional cigarettes. They also have the same colored filters as a traditional cigarette, rather than the colored filters of Wild Hemp cigarettes. Check out our shop to give Lucky Leaf hemp smokes a try. We hope you found this Wild Hemp cigarettes review helpful!

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Wild hemp cigarettes, Wild Hemp Cigarettes Review

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