The cannabis industry has lately experienced explosive growth – in cannabis-related government policies, research, acceptability, market share, and otherwise. Stats say the United States currently has 13%, active cannabis users. Writing off cannabis completely – without checking out its facts – may be regretted. Fact is, cannabis Sativa refers to a family of plants, of which hemp and marijuana plants are siblings. These plants both contain over a hundred compounds called cannabinoids. You can visit our store for CBD products!

Two of the long list of cannabinoids in the plants are Cannabidiol (CBD for short) and Tetrahydrocannabidiol (commonly, THC). So, while the hemp plant has 0.3% of THC or less, the same psychoactive compound is the main ingredient of the marijuana plant.

Why CBD Flower?

Many cannabis users tilt more towards CBD-only products, such as the CBD oil.  Unlike most products – beverages, edibles, vape juices, edibles, tinctures, CBD oils – flowers do not undergo any notable processes. Hence, while other processed CBD products leave users with propylene glycol and related additives, the flowers are simply harvested, dried, cured, and smoked.

Dosing CBD Flower

With CBD flower, there’s hardly ever a thing as ‘standard dosing.’ Each strain has unique effects across users. The fact is, individual tolerance level, experience, time of the day dosed, and many other factors are responsible for the varying effects. That said, persons with high THC sensitivity levels should seek products with High CBD and petite THC levels.

To find a matching effect, users may begin with low doses of CBD-dominant hemp buds. ‘’Starting with low doses” may mean taking only one or two puffs of water pipe, vaporizer, or joints, and, based on the effect, re-administer. Perhaps, the slower the consumption pace, the easier to spot your ‘limits’ and tailored dosage.

Many brands in a bid to comply with the 2018 Farm Bill, have a range of products below the 0.3% THC legal benchmark. Strains like Sour Tsunami, Charlotte’s Web, and AC/DC are a few of many non-psychoactive alternatives on the market.

Consumption Options

Indeed, hemp flowers has become an ideal substitute for smoking weed or pot. With below 0.3% THC level, many countries – US, UK, and most EU nations – have legalized hemp-based CBD usage. With their appearance and flavor, it may be difficult to differentiate CBD from marijuana. CBD and marijuana flowers contain the same flavonoids, terpenes, and other similar compounds. However, marijuana contains far more THC content than its hemp cousin.

Buying CBD Flowers near me

CBD flowers are typically sold in four different kinds of stores:

  • Smoke shops
  • Online store
  • Marijuana dispensaries
  • CBD-based stores

Besides, sellers like Tweedle Farms offer some impressive discounts on their products.

Is Tweedle Farms CBD Hemp Flower Legal?

Cannabis still falls under the controlled substance categories. However, Congress, in 2018, decriminalized the use of hemp plants. This ended the prohibition of hemp-based CBD at the federal level, except stated otherwise in state laws. Note, however, that all CBD flowers with over 0.3% THC are considered illegal and punishable by federal laws. Hence, they are only sold in marijuana dispensaries. You check out state laws for jurisdiction-specific legislation.

, Tweedle Farms Review: Is Their CBD Flower Legit?

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