Partaking in CBD is one of the hottest trends at the moment due to the overall wellness that it has to offer. Smoking CBD flowers allows the product to provide optimal potency quickly and efficiently. So, if you are ready to try CBD, grind up some hemp flower, roll it up, and give it a toke. Smoking hemp can help you wing off cigarettes and is an all-natural alternative. 

Smoking CBD Hemp Flower

Smoking hemp began trending around 2018 due to the Farm Bill legalizing American farmers to grow hemp. This has helped it become increasingly easy for individuals to access premium CBD products. Even for those states that have strict marijuana laws, it is now legal for hemp products to be grown and consumed as long as it has no more than 0.3 percent THC. 

While there are some novelty factors involved with smoking CBD, users typically partake in these types of products because they promote balance and wellness. Smoking hemp flower allows you to consume your CBD in one of its most potent forms. 

Reasons Why People Smoke Hemp Flower

There are many hemp strains available that contain various cannabinoids, flavonoids, and aromatic terpenes. This allows you to truly enjoy a variety of flavors offered by your favorite hemp strains without any worries of feeling “high” which is caused by larger levels of THC in marijuana products. 

Aside from enjoying the flavors of different strains, smoking hemp can provide the best overall wellness, as it enters the system quickly and is at its most potent when smoked. CBD works amazing on its own, but some studies say it can be enhanced by combining it with other natural compounds. 

In addition, when you smoke CBD you are bypassing the digestive system. Allowing the cannabinoids and terpenes to go into your bloodstream. This is the reason that individuals agree that smoking hemp can provide the most potent results when compared to edibles and oils. 

Smoking Versus Vaping Hemp

The most typical way to smoke CBD is by rolling it into a joint. Joints are popular among the cannabis culture, as it is convenient and cost-effective. Hemp can be rolled in a paper that is made of hemp, which means your smoke is all-natural. Some vendors offer papers that are flavored, which will help provide flavor to your hemp and enhance your smoking experience. 

For those who have entered the world of vaping, they may not agree that rolling a joint gives you the best experience. The glory behind vaping is the fact that it is a cleaner smoke. Many health care providers would recommend using a vape over smoking as it filters any potential impurities that could pose as a threat. 

Individuals who have lung issues may be better off choosing a vapor over a joint. In addition, vaporizers allow for a more concentrated flavor experience. This simply means that you will have to use less of the product to get a hit that is potent. 

On the flip side, hemp smokers feel that a joint can provide a richer and more natural experience. While smoking a CBD joint is heavier than vaping, there are arguments that smoking offers a more expressive flavor experience. 

Can You Smoke Hemp Publicly?

You can legally grow, cultivate, and consume hemp according to federal law. However, not every state is on the same page when it comes to recreational use of CBD. There are some states such as North Carolina and Texas that are trying to ban smoking CBD altogether. 

If you were pulled over by the police, they would have to conduct a comprehensive lab test to determine if your stash was marijuana or a hemp joint. There are no strict guidelines and regulations when it comes to controlling hemp products. Therefore, the products that you buy may contain more THC then what is advertised. 

While hemp is legal, there is more than enough probable cause for a police officer to investigate your products depending on the state that you are in. It is best if you do not smoke CBD in public in areas where marijuana laws are strict. While hemp is legal, it could lead to legal issues if you are publicly smoking it. To play it safe in these areas you could opt to vape your products or simply smoke it in the privacy of your home. 

CBD Dabbing

CBD dabbing is one of the newest ways to consume hemp. When dabbing you will use a special device known as a dab rig to vaporize and inhale the concentrate. As the phenomenon of smoking CBD continues to grow manufacturers are producing high levels of concentrated CBD crystals and waxes that are ideal for dabbing. 

Dabbing is not a discreet way to consume CBD and it could pose a threat to your health over time. Therefore, other methods of smoking hemp flower are preferred, but dabbing is an option for those wishing to experience CBD in a new way. 

Drug Tests & Smoking CBD

You will always want to make sure that you are buying quality hemp from a reputable company. As long as your products are truly CBD and contain low levels of THC then you should not have any issues with drug tests. However, everyone’s body acts differently when it comes to products, so it is best to note that you are smoking hemp before taking your drug test. 

CBD Flower USA

CBD Flower USA offers a variety of products that undergo stringent testing before becoming available to consumers for purchase. Shop our CBD products and let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy smoking CBD flowers from a reputable vendor who can provide you the service you want and need. 

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Smoking CBD Frequently Asked Questions

Can you smoke CBD?

Yes, you can smoke CBD by using CBD vapes, CBD cigarettes, CBD pre-rolls, or raw CBD flowers. 

What are the advantages of CBD cigarettes?

Buying CBD cigarettes are convenient versus having to roll your own. Plus, they will look more like a cigarette and less like a marijuana joint. Also, when looking for smokable hemp that contains a specific amount of CBD, you will be able to get consistency with CBD cigarettes. Rolling your own could cause you to estimate your dosage incorrectly.

Are CBD cigarettes legal?

CBD cigarettes are legal at a federal level as long as they follow the guidelines of having less than 0.3% THC. It is best to know your state’s laws before purchasing any CBD products. 

What is CBD pre-rolls?

Pre-rolled CBD joints are hand-rolled using CBD flower and unbleached rolling papers. Pre-rolls can offer a unique experience as they are custom made and hand packed. 

How much CBD is in a pre-roll?

It can vary according to the amount of CBD flower that is in each pre-roll. You should check with the manufacture, as they should be able to tell you a range of CBD that each pre-roll contains. It may even be listed on the pack. 

Are CBD pre-rolls legal?

As long as your pre-rolls contain less than 0.3% of THC they are legal. Again, it is best to know your state’s laws to make sure that you are within their compliancy. 

What is CBD Flower?

What we commonly referred to as CBD flower is CBD-rich hemp flower. CBD is derived from a singular cannabinoid from the hemp plant. This is why many people identify hemp as a CBD plant. CBD flower will contain the whole bud from the hemp plant. It will be presented in a raw, unprocessed, and natural form of dried hemp. 

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Smoking CBD, What You Need To Know About Smoking CBD

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