With the legalization of cultivating hemp in the USA, there has been some fierce competition among CBD vendors. Carolina Hemp Company offers a wide range of products, but this does not make them the best fit for your needs. 

FDA-approval is continuously being inspected on hemp flower goods, making it more necessary for consumers to conduct thorough research on the hemp flower brands that they choose. In our review, we will give you all the information needed to make the best decision on rather this company is right for you or not. 

Who Is Carolina Hemp Company?

Carolina Hemp Company has gained a reputation for its CBD offerings over the past few years. Founded in 2014, they are based in Asheville and largely focus on education and community spirit among its patrons. 

They provide products online and have several stores throughout the Southern regions of America. They believe that their brick-and-mortar stores have helped provide a stronger tie between local hemp producers and consumers. 

Carolina Hemp also hosts many different events throughout the year, including hemp painting and flower yoga. 

Carolina Hemp Products

Offering a large range of CBD products, it is best that we break down each of their product lines to help you understand their offerings more thoroughly. 

Below you will find the categories including hemp flower, hemp flower extract, hemp seed & fiber, and vaping. They also offer wholesale hemp flowers for those looking to expand their product lines. 

Hemp Flower

Caroline Hemp offers both premium CBD hemp flowers and pre-rolls. For those who are interested in purchasing whole flowers, you can choose between 3.5 grams or 7-gram packages. This vendor offers hemp pre-rolls in 0.5-gram singles, as well as 6 packs. This allows you to try their pre-rolls without committing to a full pack. 

Caroline offers a variety of 8 different hemp flower strains, including Sour Sauce, Elektra, Lifter, and Hawaiian Haze. This hemp vendor claims to have 100% organic hemp that is sourced from American farms.

Hemp Flower Extract

Carolina Hemp is well known for their hemp flower extracts. This category is filled with a large range of products including CBD tinctures, gummies, chocolates, honey sticks, coffee, tea, and pet-friendly treats.

For customers that are interested in topical remedies, you will find they offer a CBD salve in this category as well. Included under hemp flower extract you will find CBD waxes, which are ideal for those who are interested in dabbing

Exploring their CBD edibles, you will find a unique line of products to indulge in. If you like to try something different why not go for hemp pasta, hemp hot sauce, or CBD mustard. 

Hemp Seed & Fiber

The hemp seed & fiber category is comprised of clothing products and accessories that are produced out of industrial-grade hemp. You will find products such as hats, belts, and socks, as well as hemp-derived bags and organizers. 

If you are a fan of hemp textiles then you will want to check out their offerings in this category. You can even find hemp/alpaca wool. Please note that the company does not offer hemp seeds. Even though this category is labeled hemp seed & fiber, you will have to look to other companies to source seeds for cultivating. 


Carolina Hemp offers a small range of CBD juices and vaping cartridges. However, they are more known for their extensive list of waxes. They offer both crumbles and shatter extracts that are available in 6 different CBD flower strains. These include Pineapple Express, Granddaddy Purp, and ACDC. In this category, you will also find pens and vapor accessories. 

North Carolina Laws

When shopping around for CBD products you must keep state laws in mind. North Carolina has some very tough laws regarding hemp consumption. There are very few farmers who are allowed to grow hemp, but it is increasingly difficult for those living in North Carolina to source hemp flower products. 

Recent legislation has been passed in North Carolina which will soon make it illegal for residents to smoke hemp. Even if you are buying products online, you have to know the hemp state laws. No company will ship to areas where hemp is restricted. 

What do Customers Say?

Looking through their Yelp reviews it appears that customers who have taken the time to give them a review are generally happy. There are only 6 reviews available, so this does not give us a lot to go on when it comes to customer’s opinions about the company. 

On their Facebook page, there are some recommendations made by customers. Most agree that the customer service is great and they are willing to recommend products to help with specific needs. They also mentioned the ease of navigating their website and checkout process. 

Overall, those who have interacted with the company appear to be pleased with their products and services. 

The Not So Good

Carolina Hemp Company offers a large range of CBD products including edibles, textiles, extracts, and smokable hemp. The one thing that we did notice about this company is the fact that they do not offer test results for consumers to review. 

Being a CBD vendor, this type of information is vital no matter how big or small you are. You must offer some sort of testing on your products through your online store. 

Final Word

Carolina Hemp may offer tons of products but they lack in the fact that they do not offer hemp compliance testing for consumers to review. This could scare some consumers off. However, overall, it appears that current patrons are very happy with the selection of products and services that they are receiving. 

Our biggest word of advice is to always research a company before placing an order with them. We hope this review helped answer your questions about Carolina Hemp Company.

Carolina Hemp Company, Carolina Hemp Company Review

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