CBD has hit the mainstream because of the overall wellbeing that it offers. However, it is not just humans that are reaping the benefits that CBD has to offer. Many pet owners are now turning to hemp as a remedy for their four-legged friend. In this article, we will explore the best CBD for dogs, and look at why many pet owners are choosing this herb.

Top 10 Best CBD Oil for Dogs

  1. Honest Paws Dog Oil – Top Pick
  2. Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats – Best Treats
  3. Spruce CBD – Best Subscription
  4. CBD Pure – Most Affordable
  5. CBDfx – Most Potent
  6. Joy Organics – THC-Free
  7. Medterra – Best Variety
  8. Petly CBD Oil – Best Organic
  9. CBD American Shaman – Best Flavor
  10. Royal CBD – Most Sustainable

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Editor’s Choice: Honest Paws CBD For Dogs

  • Outstanding Quality
  • Tested by Third Party
  • Organic Ingredients

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Since your dog is one of your best friends you want to make sure that you are giving him everything he needs. Many pet owners are wondering if CBD oil is safe for dogs. Especially if you are new to the world of CBD oil and unsure about what it has to offer your dog.

More studies are being conducted on the use of CBD in dogs. CBD oil is hemp-derived and is considered to be a low-risk option for your dog. It is a natural supplement that can balance out your pet and offer the support that they need.
Our top ten best CBD for dogs is based off on Health Canal’s Best CBD For Dogs List.

Top 10 Best CBD For Dogs

#1 Honest Paws Dog Oil

Honest Paws is our number one choice because of the overall support that it provides a pet. It also comes in five variations, leaving you with choices that you do not get with other brands. You have the freedom with Honest Paws to choose a product based on your dog’s needs.

This CBD oil is specifically formulated to care for a dog’s overall health and wellness. All products go through a third-party lab test for efficacy, purity, and safety. All ingredients are organic to ensure your pooch is getting a potent dose of full-spectrum CBD.

In addition, the company offers discounts when you subscribe to their monthly delivery service. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with their products.


  • Have a number of product options
  • All organic
  • Third-Party Lab Tested

Price Range

  • CBD Oil: $39.95
  • Dog Treats: $24.95

#2 Honest Paws Dog Treats

What dog doesn’t love a good treat! Honest Paws offers simplicity to pet owners by infusing their dog treats with CBD oil. This company is known for offering the best CBD oil for dogs. However, their CBD oil dog treats are something you will not want to miss out on. Your dog will love you for them.

All ingredients are organic and full-spectrum CBD is used. Honest Paws offers two different dog treats that come in a variety of flavors. They have a classic crunchy bone, which is known as the Bites pack. The Bite pack comes in two options, which include Calm Bites and Relief Bites. These Bites are designed to help support your dog and calm down the stress they may be experiencing.

If you have an elderly dog then you may opt for Soft Chews, which comes in three different options: Mobility Soft Chews, Wellness Soft Chews, and Calm Soft Chews.


  • Large product line
  • Easy to give treats
  • Third-party lab tested

Price Range

  • CBD Oil: $39.95
  • Dog Treats: $24.95

#3 Spruce CBD

Spruce CBD is a brand that has gone the extra mile. In their research they found that coconut oil is easily digested by dogs, so they chose to use it as the carrier oil in their CBD products. The taste of the coconut oil is milder, which means that your dog is more likely to enjoy taking their daily dose.

There are no added flavors, which only highlights the taste of the coconut oil. Spruce CBD lacks in the fact that it does not provide a large range of products. However, they have a spot on this list because of the quality and care that they have put into their CBD oil for dogs.

There is customer feedback about how the Spruce CBD oil has helped improve the dog’s coat. A daily dose provides an amazing shine to their coat, and it is probably the coconut oil that is working its magic.


  • All-natural
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Use coconut oil for easy digestion

Price Range

  • CBD Oil: $89.00

#4 CBD Pure

CBD Pure offers affordable pricing and easy dosing. The dosing recommendations are pretty basic. The CBD oil comes in a 100-milligram bottle and your dog would receive ½ dropper per every 10 pounds of weight.

With a low THC content, your dog will get the support they need with a safe product. It does not contain a lot of overwhelming flavors, so your dog should not have a problem with the taste.

One of the more affordable options on our list. You can purchase CBD Pure for about $24. Try purchasing the set of 3 or a set of 6 bottles for an additional discount. This product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you get the reassurance that you are purchasing a product that will suit your dog’s needs.


  • Simple Concentration
  • Organic and Non-GMO
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Price Range

  • CBD Oil: $19.99 (1 month supply)

#5 CBDfx

This company is known for its organic CBD oil products. They have many reviews that tag them as the best CBD for dogs. CBDfx oils are non-GMO and broad-spectrum. This will give your dog the best support and offer an overall balance in their life.

Dosing is simple, as one drop of oil is to be given for every 20 pounds of weight. There are only trace amounts of THC, which makes CBDfx a safe choice for your dog. They have a number of different choices. So, you will be able to find a CBD oil that suits your dog’s needs. Their offerings include small breed, medium breed, and large breed.


  • Non-Toxic and All-Natural Ingredients
  • Broad-Spectrum Format
  • Third-Party Lab Tested

Price Range

  • CBD Oil: $29.99 to $69.99

#6 Joy Organics

Joy Organics offers CBD oil that is free of THC. The CBD oil comes in 225 milligrams and 400 milligrams, so you can choose which size best suits your needs. Plus, the oil is made from premium hemp obtained through a process of CO2 extraction. Joy Organics also offers free shipping and a money-back guarantee. So, you can purchase without any worries.

They offer both oil tinctures and dog treats. Since some dogs do not cope well with oils, they offer treats that are infused with CBD. Each treat is infused with 2 milligrams of CBD oil and free of THC. They are affordable options that offer products your dog will love.


  • Organic
  • Broad-Spectrum Format
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Price Range

  • CBD Oil: $539.95
  • Dog Treats: $34.95

#7 Medterra CBD

Medterra CBD guarantees that its products are safe and pure. This brand is also certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. Their bestselling CBD oil is beef flavor. It comes with an easy to use a dropper, so you can give it to your dog directly or put it over their food.

Medterra CBD offers hemp products for both dogs and cats. Their dog oils come in a variety of flavors including chicken, beef, and unflavored. For dogs who struggle with the taste of CBD, it is best to go with the unflavored options.

They also offer dog treats that are infused with CBD. Medterra CBD dog treat line includes Joint Support and Calming Effects. This allows you to choose which products will suit your pooches needs.


  • Wide Variety of Products
  • Completely THC-Free
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Price Range

  • CBD Drops: $19.99 to $39.99
  • Calming Chews: $29.99
  • Joint Support: $34.99

#8 Petly CBD Oil

Petly CBD Oil differs from other oils on the market. Every product is constructed with Petly’s natural proprietary strains of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp plants. They are grown in nutrient-rich soil and cultivated with 100% organic farming practices. The hemp plant goes through a distilling process that will separate the hemp extract from the ethanol incorporated during the CO2 extraction method. The hemp extract is then refined to remove trace amounts of THC.

Pelty CBD oil comes in three different potency levels: 125 milligrams, 250 milligrams, and 500 milligrams. They use coconut oil as their carrier oil, which is easy for dogs to digest. This company also offers dog treats. A popular choice as they are beef flavored. Their treats are water-soluble, which makes their bioavailability higher than oil-based CBD oil dog treats.


  • Non-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten-Free
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Amazing Bundle Discount Offers

Price Range

  • CBD Oil: $79.00

#9 CBD American Shaman

American Shaman has a wide variety of CBD infused dog treat flavors. Other products that they offer include CBD oil tinctures, CBD oil dog treats, water-soluble hemp oil, and doggy nugs. In addition, they have a product line for both cats and horses.

Their doggy snacks are available in peanut butter and turkey flavors, soft treats in beef flavor, and doggy nugs come in chicken flavor. American Shaman is known for its high-quality. Products are made from non-GMO hemp plants that are grown here in the United States. Their products are tested in independent labs to ensure efficacy, purity, and safety.


  • Certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority
  • Variety of CBD Oil Products for Dogs
  • Interesting Dog Treat Flavors

Price Range

  • CBD Oil: $59.99
  • Dog Treats: $29.50 to $39.99

#10 Royal CBD

Royal CBD is known for its consistent quality throughout all of its CBD products. Their dog line of CBD oil is made from high-quality, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. Allowing you the peace of mind that you are giving your four-legged friend a safe product.

Knowing how much dogs love meaty flavors, so they have taken special care to ensure they offer a variety of flavors including beef and chicken. Dogs never come in a one size fits all scenario, so they have a variety of product sizes, allowing you to accommodate your pets breed. Potency levels range from 300 milligrams to 1,000 milligrams. This way you can adjust the dosage depending on your dog’s size and breed.

All products are tested by an independent lab for safety and potency. Royal CBD also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure you are completely satisfied with their products.


  • Non-GMO and Natural
  • Available in Different Sizes and Potencies
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee

Price Range

  • CBD Oil: $49.00 to $229.00
  • Dog Treats: $81.00

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is just one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants contain more than 100 cannabinoids. Hemp products were legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill, and any products sold on the market must have less than 0.3% THC in them. Anything over this limit is illegal.

CBD products contain very low amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. CBD is popular because it provides you with overall wellness support without psychoactive ingredients. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, which is an important system to understand when it comes to pain relief. Especially joint pain and chronic pain. While research is still being conducted on the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids are through to influence the receptors.

Why Would I Give CBD To My Dog?

The love between a dog and his owner is like no other. They truly become part of the family, and are there for us anytime we need them. As a dog owner, you are willing to give your four-legged friend the best life possible. If that means buying a pricier brand of food because your dog has a gluten allergy then you do it. The worst thing is, many dogs are suffering from specific ailments and are going through challenges but they cannot tell us.

This article is not intended to diagnose any ailments or advise you on dosing. It is to educate you about the exciting world of CBD and all that it has to offer dogs. High quality CBD has a multitude of uses, but overall, it provides balance and wellbeing.

Sometimes our dogs suffer from an ailment that is not understood by you or your vet. It could be anxiety, depression, or even pain. There are so many unknown answers when it comes to dogs. Because of this, many pet owners are turning to a natural remedy that offers overall balance. In doing so, they have found that CBD works well for their pooch.

This is just one scenario that we have heard from consumers. If your dog is suffering, you should always consult with a vet. They will be able to direct you and help you decide if CBD is a good choice for your dog.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best CBD product for dogs?

Dog treats are convenient and loved by your furry friend, but CBD oil is still going to be the better choice when it comes to product selection. It has a higher level of potency, which will provide your pooch with the overall well-being that you are seeking.

How much CBD should I give to my dog?

The answer to this question will vary. As a recommendation, you should check the dosing on the back of every product. In addition, it is best to consult with your vet for general guidance on giving your pet CBD oil.

When is the best time to give CBD to my dog?

Most products allow for daily dosing of CBD. It will all depend on the type of product you choose. Always read the back of the package to ensure you are dosing your pet correctly. A lot of consumers have noted giving their dogs CBD in the morning, as it helps them through the day.

Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs?

Veterinarians are not widely allowed to prescribe or recommend a cannabis product for your dog. Some vets, however, see the benefits that it offers and have put it out there as an option for pet owners.

Can CBD oil kill a dog?

There have been no reports of dogs being overdosed on CBD or any CBD-related deaths in pets. It is a safe alternative to others on the market as it is an all-natural source.

How much CBD oil should I use for my dog’s anxiety?

CBD in general will provide wellness support and restore balance. It can help with a wide variety of ailments, but you should always consult your vet before starting any new supplements.

What kind of CBD can I give my dog?

You will want to choose a CBD oil that is pure and THC free. However, any CBD oil that contains less than 0.3% of THC is viewed as safe. Just know that high doses could cause issues for small pets, so always consult with your vet before use.

Can you give CBD oil to dogs every day?

CBD will need to be given frequently so that your dog can experience the overall wellbeing and balance support that it offers. CBD can be used every day, but you can judge how your dog reacts to the oil and adjust as needed.

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